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  We are one of the leading Chinese companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of Pellet Stoves Fireplace,Pellet Stove Fireplace Inserts.

Heat Stove of Pellet Mill


1、 The machine can equip the steam auto-control systerm imported from Japan. The temperature of conditioning is invariable.
2、 The main drive use precision gear driving. Ring die use advanced quick release hoop holding type, which have about 20% higher capacity than belt drive.
3、 The drive part of whole machine (include motor) use high quality bearings from Switzerland, Japan, ensured high efficiency, stable working, low noise in driving.
4、 Feeding use magnetic speed control motor, which can also use frequency conversion speed control motor instead of it. Keep motor in best working condition all the time.
5、The feed conditioner is big size strengthen type made of complete stainless steel, with frequency conversion speed control to ensure high quality of feedstuff pellets. According to different requirement on conditioning, equip different modols conditioner.
6、Adopt international advanced gun drill from Germany and the technology of vacuum heat treatment to produce high quality ring die made of alloy steel, which have longer life and the reasult of pellets smoother and better quality.
7、 Dynamical transfer joint reach international advanced level, have excellent performance with new compact structure, safe, low noise and low trouble capability.
8、 High performance of magnetic iron separating device.
9、 Use international advanced steam adjusting valve system.
10、 Complete stainless steel door cover and flume. The draw type cut knife with scale, make the adjustment of cut knife more convenient and reliable.
11、 Various safe over loading equipments and full caution signs.

RSL- I Stove technical parameter
Heat capability104KJ/h 60
Wood block thermal value104Kcal/h 3500
Operation method Auto
Block consume kg 205-235
Thermal efficiency % 75
Flue exhaust temperature°C 700-800
Output air volume 103m3/h 7-14
Frequency conversion timing motor type YVP80M1
Induced fan type Y5-47NO.5C
Power 7.5kw Rotate speed 2900n/min
Wind pressure 2264Pa Air volume 5360m3/h
Fan type 4-72-12NO.3.2A
Power 2.2kw Rotate speed 2900n/min
Wind pressure 1025Pa Air volume 2210m3/h
External dimensions mm×mm×mm 4730*1940*3042
Weight 8000Kg
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Continuous operation
Great for large factories and for pellet resellers

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200-300KGS Per Hour
Less labor intensive, automatic process, cooled pellets pack quickly

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Good for powering industrial factories with palm fiber pellets

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Great for personal use, provides energy for houses, farms

wood pellet stove
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