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  We are one of the leading Chinese companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of Wood Pellet Mills and Feed Mills.We have all kinds of Wood Pellets for sale.


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    wood pellet plant
    Wood Pellet Plant --- Ring Die The GC-MZLH series of wood pellet plant is designed for large scale pelleting process. It includes a feeder system, conditioner, gear box, ring die pellet mill and lubrication system. Dried material is transfe...
    pellets presses
    Pellet Presses/Wood Pelletizer This series flat die pellet mill is designed for processing wood chips, straw, chaff, bamboo shaving, peanut shells, bagasse, alfalfa and other raw materials. With features of high capacity, easy operation and...
    wood pellets making machine
    Wood Pellet Making Machine --- Ring Die This series of wood pellet making machine is widely used for processing wood, straw and other biomass materials. It features in high performance, low cost, easy maintenance and long life. The key part...
    pellets press
    Wood Granulator / Pellet Mill / Pelleting Presses --- Flat Die The flat die pellet mill is designed for processing wood chips, straw, chaff, bamboo shavings, peanut shells, bagasse, alfalfa and other raw materials. The finial pellets can be...
    home pellets mill
    For home pellets mill, people have different opinion about whether it needs to add binder or not during processing wood pellets. Even home pellets mill manufacturers have disagreements about it. As a specialized company, our engineers and st...
    how to make your own pellets
    Do you want to make pellets at home? If your answer is positive, then how to make your own pellets? The specialized company GEMCO will offer you some instruction, so that you can know how to pelletize smoothly. Of course, the first step you...
    the 113th canton fair
    Dear Sir, Glad to inform businessman the whole world that our company will attend the 113th Session China Import and Export Fair from Apr. 15-19, 2013. Welcome to visit our booth....
    DIY pellet mill features
    Realizing DIY pellets at home is not impossible now for common people. All you need own is just a DIY pellet mill. So it is quite important to choose a proper one. If you are confused about this, GEMCO will give you some instruction. As it i...
    how to determine the quality of wood pellets
    Several factors have to be considered when determining the quality of wood pellets. Some people do not know how to determine the quality of wood pellets yet this can be quite simple and save you a lot of money by ensuring that you buy the ri...
    large pellet mill manufacturer
    As winter is coming, biomass pellets become hotter and hotter in the market now. But why? Using as a kind of fuel, biomass pellets are as efficient as traditional fuels to burn. ...
    pellet mill equipment
    What must someone do in order to choose the right pellet mill equipment? For one, you need to know the type, the model, the design, among other features on your pellet mill. ...
    large wood pellet mill
    Large wood pellet mill just as the name suggested is suitable for large scale wood pellet production. With wood pellets industry fast development, large wood pellet mill has become a very popular all over the world. This is a good pellet mac...
  Complete Wood Pellet Mill
  Drum Chipper
  Hammer Mill
  Heat Stove
Pellet Mill With Ring Die
Pellet Press With Flat Die
Spare Parts Dies &Rollers
  Steam Boiler
  Packing Machine
  PLC Control
  Dust Filter
  Magnetic Separator
  Pellet Stove /Fireplace
  Ring Die Pellet Mill

Continuous operation
Great for large factories and for pellet resellers

Ring Die Pellet Mill  
  Flat Die Pellet Press
  Small Pellet Mill for wood & feed
Great for individual use, farmers

Flat Die Pellet Mill  
  Mobile Pellet Plant

200-300KGS Per Hour
Less labor intensive, automatic process, cooled pellets pack quickly

Mobile Pellet Mill
  Palm Fiber Pellet Mill  

Good for powering industrial factories with palm fiber pellets

palm fiber pellet mill
  Wood Pellet Stove

Great for personal use, provides energy for houses, farms

wood pellet stove
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Pellet Mill
Packing Machine 
Spare Parts
PLC Control
Hammer Mill
Drum Chipper
Heat Stove
Steam Boiler 
Dust Filter
Pellet Stove
Magnetic Separator
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