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  We are one of the leading Chinese companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of Wood Pellet Mills and Feed Mills.We have all kinds of Wood Pellets for sale.


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    wood ring die pellet mill
    This is our new design ring die pellet mill, which is the big boy of wood pellet production line. It is a direct drive mill. The capacity of this machine is about 2500kg/h for softwood pellets while the concrete number should be taken with a...
    bamboo pelletizing machines
    It is well-known that bamboo is native to China, which has lots of various kinds with strong adaptability and widespread distribution. In China, it is widely distributed in the south like Sichuan and Hunan province etc. China is one of the...
    wood pellets application
    Wood pellets, the utilization of agro-forestry wastes such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, etc. as raw material, are made into molding pellets fuel by crushing, drying, mixing, extrusion etc. process.Wood pellets are a new green energy fuel, wh...
    grass pellet making machine
    Typically the most popular approach to heating your house within our society today may be the pellet stove. Its virtually similar to the normal wood burning stove that it saves lots of energy which is easy to use. The fundamental use if you...
    wood pellets market analysis
    At the moment, bio-energy technology research and development became one worlds major hot subjects, which are concerned by government and researchers all over the world. And lots of nations have developed corresponding research programs suc...
    how to make profits from biomass pellets?
    When customers are busy making biomass pellets to earn money, do you consider which type of raw materials could possibly get more pellet profits? Now our specialist will give you some advices for you personally for making pellets. Real bioma...
    sawdust pellet press machine
    Saw dust Pellet Press Machines really are a valuable way to generate revenue from material that will well be regarded as waste within the timber industry. Its a progressively popular raw material to make pellets since less preparation from...
    wood pellet production line
    Wood pellet production line that is frequently known as large scale wood pellet plant, is required to fabricate wood pellets for creating energy from ready raw materials (wood chips, saw dust, planer particles, etc.). Pellet production lines...
    wood pellet machine
    Thinking about owning a wood pellet machine at home is excellent. Then its not really that large of the challenge that you should produce wood pellets. With this particular machine and wood materials, it is simple to help make your own pell...
    biomass pellet press machine
    Nowadays individuals awareness of ones saving and atmosphere protection have greatly enhanced. To accelerate the introduction of eco-friendly fuel, biomass pellet press machines come with an important improvement within the element of the p...
    homemade biomass pellet machine
    Creating a homemade biomass pellet machine is technically achievable; nevertheless, its neither of effective cost nor an operating choice. To offer the ability of consistently and effectively transforming wood into fuel pellets take some fa...
  Complete Wood Pellet Mill
  Drum Chipper
  Hammer Mill
  Heat Stove
Pellet Mill With Ring Die
Pellet Press With Flat Die
Spare Parts Dies &Rollers
  Steam Boiler
  Packing Machine
  PLC Control
  Dust Filter
  Magnetic Separator
  Pellet Stove /Fireplace
  Ring Die Pellet Mill

Continuous operation
Great for large factories and for pellet resellers

Ring Die Pellet Mill  
  Flat Die Pellet Press
  Small Pellet Mill for wood & feed
Great for individual use, farmers

Flat Die Pellet Mill  
  Mobile Pellet Plant

200-300KGS Per Hour
Less labor intensive, automatic process, cooled pellets pack quickly

Mobile Pellet Mill
  Palm Fiber Pellet Mill  

Good for powering industrial factories with palm fiber pellets

palm fiber pellet mill
  Wood Pellet Stove

Great for personal use, provides energy for houses, farms

wood pellet stove
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Pellet Mill
Packing Machine 
Spare Parts
PLC Control
Hammer Mill
Drum Chipper
Heat Stove
Steam Boiler 
Dust Filter
Pellet Stove
Magnetic Separator
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