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  We are one of the leading Chinese companies who have specialised in the design and manufacture of Wood Pellet Mills and Feed Mills.We have all kinds of Wood Pellets for sale.


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    how to make wood or biomass pellets
    Its worth observing that to be able to make pellets, youll need specialized equipment. Even though it might be easy to develop a homemade pellet mill, Ive not seen a trusted productive one out of action yet. If actually you realize of one,...
    pto pellet mill
    In comparison to pellet mill running by motor or diesel engine, PTO pellet mill is made to be run by a PTO (Power Take Off) from the tractor. This type of machine has the jack shaft and it is jointed having a different spline coupling to be...
    pellet mill ring die
    Ring die may be the vital element of pellet mill. It effects the capability consumption, output and quality directly. Statistically, the price of deterioration of ring dies usually counts for 25% from the plants total maintenance expenses....
    various pellet stoves
    You will find many various pellet stoves in the market which burn only specific types of pellets. Each stove is designed for merely a certain grade of pellet fuel based on the ash content. Stove producers indicate that pelletstove represent...
    biomass energy source
    Biomass energy resources are not only seen the raw material basis that individuals live and eat, but the fundamental conditions of national economic development. Like a major energy consumer, China mainly is dependent on fossil energy like...
    biomass fuel
    Sources of biomass fuel are wood, waste, garbage, alcohol fuels and landfill gases. Understanding the purpose of fire on beginning begins the era of utilizing wood for wood pellets because the supply of energy. This supply of energy has leng...
    small wood pellet plant
    If you want to alter solid waste into fuel, you have to forget about search for a much better machine aside from the small wood pellet plant. The unit has the ability to change waste wood into useful fuel pellets. There is also a quantity o...
    homemade wood pellet press
    Homemade wood pellet press to create wood pellets, the raw material should be appropriate for that homemade wood pellet machine, so first of all it must be ready correctly. For instance, if you wish to generate 6mm wood pellets, whose size...
    diesel pellet mill for homeuse
    Diesel Pellet Mill , as its name suggested, is a kind of pellet mill with diesel powered. This pellet mill applies to families which want to process pellets at home for its high efficiency and convenience. Compared with electric and PTO pel...
    wood pellet press
    There are many different pellet mills in current market today. But our Wood Pellet Press is beyond compare with its high efficiency and low consumption. It applies reasonable structure, advanced technology and excellent spare parts to proce...
    comparison between biomass fuel and fossil fuel
    Biomass Fuel Speaking of biomass fuel, most people may feel confused. But in current market, it is developing fast as an alternative to fossil fuel. Tracing back to its origin, we have found that biomass fuel has been existing with a long h...
    home pellet mill
    Introduction Home pellet mill now is more and more popular among families. With such an equipment, people can produce wood pellets at home as biomass fuel for heating. Choosing a home pellet mill is for several reasons: The price of like co...
  Complete Wood Pellet Mill
  Drum Chipper
  Hammer Mill
  Heat Stove
Pellet Mill With Ring Die
Pellet Press With Flat Die
Spare Parts Dies &Rollers
  Steam Boiler
  Packing Machine
  PLC Control
  Dust Filter
  Magnetic Separator
  Pellet Stove /Fireplace
  Ring Die Pellet Mill

Continuous operation
Great for large factories and for pellet resellers

Ring Die Pellet Mill  
  Flat Die Pellet Press
  Small Pellet Mill for wood & feed
Great for individual use, farmers

Flat Die Pellet Mill  
  Mobile Pellet Plant

200-300KGS Per Hour
Less labor intensive, automatic process, cooled pellets pack quickly

Mobile Pellet Mill
  Palm Fiber Pellet Mill  

Good for powering industrial factories with palm fiber pellets

palm fiber pellet mill
  Wood Pellet Stove

Great for personal use, provides energy for houses, farms

wood pellet stove
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Pellet Mill
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PLC Control
Hammer Mill
Drum Chipper
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Steam Boiler 
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Pellet Stove
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